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Makes Sense.

Make life affordable

  • Take the HST off hydro and home heating
  • Start removing the HST from gas and crack down on gouging at the pumps

Create and protect jobs

  • Reward job creators
  • Stop the corporate tax giveaways
  • Lower small business taxes

Healthcare that works

  • Cut emergency room wait times in half
  • Give seniors the support they need to live in their own homes
  • End ambulance fees

Education you can afford

  • Ban course fees in high schools
  • Reduce school reliance on parent fees and fundraising
  • Freeze tuition fees for college, undergraduate, and graduate students

Fiscal Framework that makes sense

Fully costed, independently verified platform. Same economic assumptions as the 2011 provincial budget. Least expensive promises of any major party. Balanced budget by 2017-18.