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Makes Sense.

  • Advocate for public health in our community for the last 40 years
  • Founded and chaired the Frenchman's Bay Festival: a local festival that brings thousands of people into our region, generating revenue for local businesses
  • Former city councillor with successful track record to improve waterfront safety
  • Retired Registered Nurse who practiced in Scarborough helping care for children and the elderly
  • campaigned for more effective oversight of local electrical utilities

Born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, Eileen has been an advocate for public health in our community for the last 40 years. She has worked in hospitals, retirement homes and educational facilities in our community as a Registered Nurse. Eileen has represented Pickering on the Durham Halliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Council and has volunteered as a public health speaker with Toronto Public Health.

As a city councillor, Eileen successfully passed municipal by-laws improving the safety of the waterfront for boaters and swimmers. She also founded and chaired the Frenchman's Bay Festival, a local festival which brings in thousands of people into our region and generates revenue for local businesses.

Eileen is a committed local volunteer, spending her time in local schools and public education seminars. She is passionate about her community and believes in increasing youth employment, improving transit and transportation infrastructure, and reducing gun violence. A passionate voice for the community, you can count Eileen Higdon to get results for the people of Pickering-Scarborough East.

Eileen is a mother of three and a grandmother of two; she currently resides in Pickering with her partner, Wayne.